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Case Details: In re Gambrel File ID: L02392
Begin Date: 03/1842
End (Judgment) Date: 03/1842
Court Of Origin: United States District Court, District of Illinois
Division: bankruptcy
Action: bankruptcy
Court Of Judgment: United States District Court, District of Illinois
Judgment: decided for plaintiff/petitioner
Other Venues:
  Gambrel, James (Gambrell)Petitioner in Bankruptcy
Bio Lincoln, AbrahamSolicitor in Bankruptcy
Bio Logan, Stephen T.Solicitor in Bankruptcy
  Owings, James F.Clerk
Documents: 12 Document(s)
 Document IDDocument TypeDateFile DateDescriptionLocation Of OriginalCollectionLocation Of Copy
69732public notice02/18/1842--/--/----DPtd-PSangamo Journal IHi mf
93555promissory note02/24/1842--/--/----DSPU  
69733public notice02/25/1842--/--/----DPtd-PSangamo Journal IHi mf
69734public notice03/04/1842--/--/----DPtd-PSangamo Journal IHi mf
69735public notice04/15/1842--/--/----DPtd-PSangamo Journal IHi mf
Author / Signer: