Key Features

Comprehensive database

More than 1.5 million facts about cases and activities handled by Abraham Lincoln are available in this edition.

Case details include the following:

Additional facts about the documents in a case or activity include:

Subject index

Cases and activities are available through a topical index that includes social, historical, and legal topics. Also included in the index are popular case “nicknames,” like the Effie Afton case, the Chicken Bone case, and the Almanac Trial.

Robust search engine

Users can search the database for cases and activities using multiple conditions and Boolean operators. The interface helps the user develop complex search statements.

Summaries of cases and nonlitigation activities

Summaries of cases and nonlitigation activities, written by legal history experts, help the user understand complex legal issues.

Document images and a full-function image viewer

Facsimile images of more than 90,000 multiple-page documents are included in the edition. Images can be enlarged, reduced, rotated, paged through, and enhanced. Images can be printed or saved to disk.

Report generator

Standard reports of pertinent information can be printed or saved to disk.