Table of Repositories Searched

Researchers visited 61 manuscript and archive repositories throughout the United States to locate and photocopy pertinent documents. While researchers typically examined collections of Lincoln related manuscripts or archives, they also investigated the collections of Lincoln scholars and collectors, the collections of Lincoln contemporaries (especially those who practiced law) and all public records or business archives relative to Illinois law during the time of Lincoln’s practice. (See Repository Abbreviations for a list of symbols utilized in the data to represent these institutions).

Repository Examined


Main Collections

Henry E. Huntington Library San Marino Lincoln File Manuscripts, Ward H. Lamon Papers, Lambert Collection
University of Delaware, Goodstay Center Lincoln Collection Wilmington Lincolniana
District of Columbia
Library of Congress, Manuscript Division and Rare Book Room Washington Abraham Lincoln Papers, Alfred Whital Stern Collection, Herndon-Weik Collection, Robert Todd Lincoln Collection, Lyman Trumbull Papers, Robert R. Hitt Journal, E.B. Washburne Papers, John McLean Papers, John D. Caton Papers, numerous small collections
National Archives and Records Administration Washington Records of the United States Supreme Court, Records of the United States Patent Office, Records of the United States Treasury Department, United States Circuit Court Records for District of Columbia
Smithsonian Institution, National Museum of American History, Division of Political History Washington Nathaniel Greene Wilcox Papers
United States Supreme Court Library, Records and Briefs Division Washington Records and Briefs of the United States Supreme Court
Bank One Illinois Springfield Marine Bank Ledger, Lincolniana
Bradley University, Cullom-Davis Library Peoria Peoria Historical Society
Chicago Historical Society Chicago Abraham Lincoln Papers, Hardin Family Papers, Mason Brayman Papers, David Davis Papers, Ralph Newman Appraisals, numerous small collections
DuPage County Bar Association Wheaton
Edgar County Historical Society Paris County Records
Hayner Public Library Alton Lincolniana
Illinois Historical Survey, University of Illinois Library Urbana Henry C. Whitney Legal Papers, Thompson R. Webber Collection, Lincoln Administration Papers, numerous small collections
Illinois State Historical Library Springfield Henry Horner Lincoln Collection, David Davis Family Papers, Adams-Snyder Family Papers, Wallace-Dickey Family Papers, Nicolay & Hay Papers, Matheny Family Papers, Orville H. Browning Papers, the collections of numerous Lincoln contemporaries
Illinois Regional Archives Depository, Eastern Illinois University Charleston County Records
Illinois Regional Archives Depository, Illinois State University Normal County Records
Illinois Regional Archives Depository, Northern Illinois University DeKalb County Records
Illinois Regional Archives Depository, Southern Illinois University Carbondale County Records
Illinois Regional Archives Depository, University of Illinois at Springfield Springfield County Records
Illinois Regional Archives Depository, Western Illinois University Macomb County Records
Illinois State Archives Springfield County Records, Governor's Correspondence, Pardon Petitions, Records of the Illinois State Supreme Court
James Millikin University, Birks Museum Decatur Lincolniana
Knox College, Seymour Library Galesburg Abraham Lincoln Papers
Lincoln College Museum Lincoln Lincoln Collection, Emanuel Hertz working notes
Lincoln Library, Sangamon Valley Collection Springfield Lincolniana
Macon County Historical Society Decatur County Records, Richard J. Oglesby Law Journal
Macoupin County Historical Society Carlinville County Records
McLean County Historical Society Bloomington David Davis Papers
Madison County Historical Society Edwardsville Godfrey Papers
Menard County Historical Society Petersburg County Records
National Archives and Records Administration, Great Lakes Region Chicago United States District and Circuit Court Records for Illinois
Newberry LibraryChicagoIllinois Central Railroad Archives, Robert T. Lincoln Papers Chicago Illinois Central Railroad Archives, Robert T. Lincoln Papers
Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville Library, Louisa H. Bowen University Archives and Special Collections Edwardsville County Records
Springfield City Clerk's Office Springfield Municipal Records
University of Chicago Library, Special Collections Chicago Lincoln Manuscripts, William E. Barton Correspondence, Stephen A. Douglas Papers
University of Illinois Library, Lincoln Room Urbana Lincolniana
Urbana Free Library, Champaign County Historical Archives Urbana County Records
Vermilion County Museum Danville Lincolniana
Indiana University, Lilly Library Bloomington Lincoln Manuscripts
The Lincoln Museum Fort Wayne Lincoln Manuscripts
Putnam Museum of History and Natural Science Davenport Putnam Family Papers
University of Iowa Library Iowa City William H. Herndon-Theodore Parker Manuscripts (microfilm)
Kansas State Historical Society, Center for Historical Research Topeka John Palmer Usher Papers (microfilm)
Kentucky Department of Libraries and Archives, Kentucky State Archives Frankfort County Records
Kentucky Historical Society Frankfort Surname Files
University of Kentucky, King Library, Special Collections and Archives Lexington William Townsend Papers
Boston University, Mugar Memorial Library, Special Collections Boston Abraham Lincoln Manuscripts
Harvard University, Houghton Library, Manuscripts Department Cambridge Lincoln Manuscripts, William H. Herndon-Wendell Phillips Correspondence, Noah Brooks Diary
Harvard University Law School Library, Special Collections Cambridge Abraham Lincoln Papers
Burton Historical Collection of the Detroit Public Library Detroit James F. Joy Papers, Edgar Dewitt Jones Lincolniana Papers
University of Michigan, Bentley Historical Library, Michigan Historical Collections Ann Arbor James F. Joy Papers, Henry B. Joy Papers
Missouri Historical Society St. Louis Thomas Forsyth Papers, William Martin Papers and Day Books, numerous small collections
New Jersey
New Jersey Historical Society Newark Gilbert A. Tracy Papers
New York
New York Public Library, Rare Books and Manuscripts Division New York Abraham Lincoln Papers and Forgeries, Josiah Gilbert Holland Papers (microfilm)
Haverford College, James P. Magill Library Haverford William Pyle Philips Autographs, William H.S. Wood Papers
Historical Society of Pennsylvania, Manuscripts Department Philadelphia Abraham Lincoln Papers, Ferdinand J. Dreer Autographs, Simon Gratz Papers
Lincoln Memorial University, Abraham Lincoln Library and Museum Harrogate Abraham Lincoln Collection, William H. Herndon Papers
University of Virginia Library, Special Collections Department Charlottesville Albert T. Bledsoe Papers
Rock County Historical Society Janesville County Records
State Historical Society of Wisconsin Archives Division Madison Lucius G. Fisher Account Book, McCormick Family Papers, Records of the Wisconsin Supreme Court
University of Wisconsin-Platteville, KarrmannPlatteville Library, Southwest Wisconsin Room Platteville County Records