The Law Practice of Abraham Lincoln: Complete Documentary Edition


Abraham Lincoln Law Offices Courthouses
1846 Logan & Lincoln/Lincoln & Herndon (exterior) Cass County, Virginia
February 1857 Logan & Lincoln/Lincoln & Herndon (interior) Cass County, Beardstown
April 1858 Lincoln & Herdon (interior) Christian County, 1839-1856
May 1858 Christian County, 1856-1901
August 1858 Clark County
September 1858 Coles County
October 1, 1858 DeWitt County, 1839-1849
October 11, 1858 DeWitt County, 1849-1893
c. 1859 Edgar County
February 1860 Livingston County, 1840-1856
April 1860 Livingston County, 1856-1874
May 9, 1860 Logan County, Postville
May 20, 1860 Logan County, Postville (interior)
June 1860 Logan County, Mt. Pulaski
August 1860 Logan County, Mt. Pulaski (interior)
Logan County, Lincoln
McLean County
Macon County, 1829-1838
Macon County, 1838-1891
Menard County
Morgan County
Peoria County
Peoria County (interior)
Piatt County
Sangamon County
Shelby County
State Capitol
State Capitol (Illinois Supreme Court courtroom)
State Capitol (IIllinois Supreme Court library)
Tazewell County
U.S. District/Circuit Court, District of Illinois
U.S. District/Circuit Court (courtroom)
U.S. District/Circuit Court (judge's office)
U.S. District/Circuit Court (jury room)
Vermillion County
Woodford County
Woodford County (interior)