Herndon, Archer G.

b. February 13, 1795, in Culpeper County, Virginia; d. January 3, 1867, in Springfield, Illinois. In 1816, Herndon married Rebecca Johnson. Their first child, William Herndon, was born in Kentucky. They moved to Troy, Illinois, where another child, Elliot Herndon, was born. In 1821, Herndon moved to Sangamon County, Illinois, and settled five miles northeast of Springfield. From 1825 to 1836, Herndon was in the mercantile trade in Springfield, in which he was quite successful. He also opened the first regular tavern in Springfield. A lifelong Democrat, he was elected as a member of the House of Representatives of the Illinois General Assembly in 1834, and served for two years. In 1836, he was elected as a state senator and was reelected in 1838 and 1840. In 1837, he played an active role in the removal of the capital from Vandalia to Springfield. In 1842, he was appointed Receiver of Public Moneys in the Land Office at Springfield, Illinois, where he served until 1849. In 1850, he owned real estate valued at $8,000. The Old Settlers' Society of Sangamon County was founded in 1859 and Herndon was elected vice-president. Herndon was a U.S. Land Receiver in 1860 with real estate worth $45,000 and personal property worth $15,000.
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