Image of VanBergen, Peter (Van Bergen)

VanBergen, Peter (Van Bergen)

b. 1800, in Catskill, New York; d. January 28, 1879, in Springfield, Illinois. VanBergen moved to Illinois in 1830. In 1850, he was a U.S. Marshal for the District of Illinois, lived in Sangamon County, Illinois, and owned real estate worth $15,000. VanBergen was a real estate broker in 1855, and in 1860 he was a farmer in Sangamon County. He was married with two children. In 1871, VanBergen was a stockholder and a member of the Sangamon County Agricultural Board in Springfield. Although VanBergen sued Lincoln for unpaid bills while he was in New Salem, he and Lincoln later became friends.
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